Speech vs. Language Disorders
  A speech disorder involves a physical aspect of communicating. The physical parts of communication are:

  Articulation- the actual production of sounds for speaking

    Articulation disorders can be difficulty producing just a few sounds, difficulty producing sounds in certain words or places in words, difficulty pronouncing words in phrases, not producing speech sounds or speech that is very hard to understand.

    Articulation difficulties can also be seen in patterns of errors such as leaving the ends off words, deleting syllables, substituting sounds There are many of these patterns and they can be refered to as phonological processes Articulation difficulties can result from difficulties with mouth movements, mouth deformities, hearing loss or language delays.

  Voice- the vibration of the voice box which creates the quality of voice

    Voice disorders can be in loudness, quality such as chronic hoarseness and resonance such as a nasal sounding voice.

    Voice disorders can be a result of damage to the vocal folds(cords) or consistent abuse to the vocal folds.

  Fluency- the rhythm and stress patterns of connected speech. Fluency disorders result in stuttering or stammering.