What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?
  A Speech-Language Pathologist (often refered to as an SLP) is a specialist in communication disorders. They have studied the neurological basis, development and conditions that impact normal and abnormal communication patterns. They have specialized training in the treatment of these conditions from infancy to adulthood. The scope of communication includes speech, language, voice, stuttering, interaction skills, and also includes feeding and swallowing disorders.

  A Speech-Language Pathologist usually holds a Masters degree which is denoted by a M.S. (Master of Science) or a M.A. (Master of Arts). They are also usually accredited by the American Speech, Langauge and Hearing Association (ASHA) with a Clinical Certificate of Competence which is denoted by CCC-SLP (Clinical Certificate of Competence in Speech-Language Pathology).

  Speech-Language Pathologists work with everyone from infants to geriatric populations in a variety of settings including school districts, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, private clinics and corporate settings.

  Of course, Speech-Language Pathologists enjoy different experiences and specialties within their field and often work with a specific scope disorders within their areas of knowledge and competence. Not every SLP works with every type of disorder or age group, but all SLP's have wonderful skills and a wealth of resources to provide the best care and referrals as needed.